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Bluetooth wireless technology sustains easy and effective communication with devices. Today with innumerable options of Phones, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, PCs and Macs available, there arises a need for a better communication between these devices which Bluetooth has successfully delivered. One among them is the capability of a wireless portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Of among the best available audio decks, Air Play speakers and other sounding devices which are quoted at a high price, Bassboomz offers relatively good sound quality with a lowest price possible. With its good look taken in account, it is one of the best bluetooth speaker one can afford. Bassboomz are also available in eight stunning colour options and the one I am reviewing in this post as well as in my You Tube channel (scroll below) is the Blue coloured Bassboomz.

Given below are the features of Bassboomz's 
  • Compatibility
  • Portability
  • Rechargeability
Bassboomz blue tooth speaker is compatible with both iOS devices and the vast majority of smart phones and tablets including the devices that supports the 3.5mm audio jack output. With what was available with me, I went ahead to review the Bassboomz streaming music through my HTC Smart phone. I found that the sound produced by Bassboomz was original and clear with no distortions. 


If you are looking for a best Bluetooth laptop speaker or Blue tooth PC speaker at a price you can afford, Bassboomz is the one you can certainly go in for.


Another feature that I liked in Bassboomz is the Bass Expansion system which can be released by twisting the Bassboomz. The shrunken size means more portability that I can tuck in the blue tooth speaker into my pocket. 

The most feasible way of charging this Bluetooth speaker is directly through your Laptop using the USB connector that comes along with this device. And for me this proficient design saves lots of batteries since I had one such experience using an ordinary speaker which swallowed batteries every week.


  • Compatible with all wireless devices with a Bluetooth connection as well as with any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio jack output
  • Portable anywhere
  • Rechargeable using the USB cable
  • Available in 8 stunning colours
  • Twist and release Bass Expansion system
You can also become an exclusive member of the BassBuds VIP Inner Circle where you will unlock a whole host of fantastic benefits of becoming a VIP Member

 Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of a written review. All opinions are my own written ONLY after trying and testing the above product. No false information is provided to the best of my knowledge. 


  1. i like this speakers are they available in india to purchase.. But what is the price of this speaker uma?

  2. @dgdhan It is available in UK and US including Amazon and Ebay. You can try on them.
    And yes, it is a wonderful speaker - can't help loving it!

  3. Looks like a great product Uma! Beautiful review!

  4. That looks great, but i have got a sound-bar and even that is mobile, easy to use, rechargeable through PC and can play fm, plus songs through microSD card and pen drives, so I guess sound-bar is more versatile :)

  5. @KISLAYA GOPAL I agree, there are many more products better than sound bar too. But, regarding affordabilty Bassboomz can be brought at a price less than 100 pound as well as quality and thats what I feel having used it.

  6. Great product........ Will love to have them.... Looks very handy and useful... The rechargeable option is an added advantage... Nicely reviewed........ It will be nice if you can provide the information about price and availability in India....

    1. Yes! I too love the rechargeable option - thanks!

  7. Hi Friend,

    Look like great product and informative blog. Most of the people use this bluetooth speakers. It is easy to use, rechargeable through PC and laptop, sound system is more versatile. Thanks for sharing it...

    Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    1. True and after using it for weeks ,I give it a full thumbs up !Thanks for visiting :)


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