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"Giving lots of love, sharing what we can, Caring when needed most, hugs from to time, bringing smiles now and then lies my Family Happiness "

Sometimes I also believe that ,

A happy family is one when a baby is born, believes in love with her every crawl and grows with a smile that fills every corner of the Home.

- Micro-posts on Family Happiness written for LimeTree in 140 characters

Photo by Zastavki
What is LIMETREE ?

It is a place where you gather moments of your children's lives to be delivered to them one day…

Limetree is a web application that allows you to safely keep messages, photos and videos you want to preserve as a legacy for your Child. You can define a precise moment in future when you want your Child to access all the information – the legacy date.

As I have won free vouchers as a part of this contest, I am offering five of my readers One Year Limetree Premium account vouchers for free. And picking five from dozens of my readers who happen to visit my blog everyday sounds tricky. So this is what I had to do.
To receive yourself One Year Limetree Premium account vouchers for free, 
  1. Kindly leave your Email ID below in the comment section (or) write me your interest with an "YES"
  2. And tell why do you love to have one.
The first five early birds who does it will be send the Voucher in your Email ID. This giveaway is open worldwide and you can access Limetree as you do with any other web application.

 ( Giveaway closed! )

Winners will get their vouchers soon :)


  1. Replies
    1. Not contest!
      It's a Giveaway x-)
      no hard rules , just those who are lucky (o)

  2. Replies
    1. sure! but did you forget something ? your mail id perhaps :P

  3. Anonymous30 May, 2013

    Wow never heard of such an wonderful app..Its is surely be the best present parents can give to their child.

    1. Agreed! It's a website and I am trying my best

  4. Anonymous31 May, 2013

    YES ! :)
    I would love to preserve moments for future to reveal them to my loved ones or foes !! :) If we preserve money for future .. why not good and bad times ... in terms of messages , videos and photographs ? :)
    Congrats for those free vouchers you got !!

    1. True ! and a legacy for your child for whom you preserve some sweet memories - I am doing my bit in my own area in limetree :)

  5. :) nice and yes.

    i will cherish it when i will see them in future.

    1. You will receive the voucher soon :) - if not do tell me

  6. nice and yes.

    i will cherish the moments in future....

  7. Yes!
    Preserving memories sounds great Uma :)

    1. Bushra, welcome :) you will receive the voucher soon - if not do tell me - Thanks !!


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