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Meddling with Blogger's EDIT HTML teaches us a lot about blogging, even helping you to find topics for a new post. Mind it, you got to backup your template before you play with your blogger codes

Again, I blog this post after trying it myself. I thought of adding a footer to this customised website template ( it did not have one before ) and a simple glance on the edit HTML helped me to find a simple solution which means very less coding.

From the above image , we see that we have added two footers : one is full (FOOTER) and the other one is split into two columns (FOOTER1).

Adding Footer to your Blogger  - for FOOTER

Step 1 :
Find  " footer-wrapper " using Ctrl + F and add the following code below

Step 2 :
Save your Template and you are done

If you want to add more widgets to your footer, just increase the maxwidgets accordingly to your requirement
Splitting your Footer into two columns in your Blogger - for FOOTER 1

Step 1 :
Find  " <footer id='footer-wrapper'> " using Ctrl + F and find this code
Step 2 :
Below the above code, add the following code

Step 3 :
Find  " </b:skin> " using Ctrl + F and add the following code above it and save your template

Removing Footer from your Blogger 
  • To remove the footer, it is the reverse. Find the code in step 1 and remove it
  • To remove attribution footer find "attribution" using Ctrl + F and remove that specific widget from your footer and save it
So through this post, you will find it easy to add, split and remove your Blogger Footer the way you want successfully :)

All tutorials blogged here are from personal experiences with 100% success rate. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous10 July, 2013

    nice piece of info , Uma !!

  2. Great post Uma! Will be helpful :)

  3. I have a question.. I added a gadget above my header. I want to split that gadget in two - would you be able to help me with that?

    1. 1 - Find this code " <header id='header-wrapper'>" using Ctrl + F in your Edit HTML

      2- Below it paste this code,

      < b:section id='header-right' showaddelement='yes />

      3- Before </b:skin> , paste the codes below

      #header {width:60%;float:left;}
      #header-right {width:40%;float:right;}

      4- Save and Enjoy! It should work

  4. You become a techie :)

    1. I'm one already, ain't I? :P
      Well, it is a part of my Lifestyle [incl. category in my blog], writing after I'm convinced with the results :)

  5. it is placed at right side can i move it to center

    1. I guess the reply is late, but if not I guess I can help
      Yes, you can...all you have to do is make sure to change the values for (float:center;)

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful trick. its is nice ...i use this in my blog.....

  7. Hi, could you tell me how I go about splitting it into 3 columns?

    1. In that case, increase maxwidgets to 2 in Step 1, add another line under Step 2 for "footer-center" and for Step 3, add below and see,

      #footer1 {width:25%;float:left;}
      #footer-right {width:25%;float:right;}
      #footer-center {width:20%;float:center;}

  8. Thanks for the information.... :)

  9. Nice. it absolutely working fine.. :)


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