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Android Apps is growing millions day by day with apps targeting all age groups and in almost all fields. As a blogger mom and a gadget freak, I almost try different apps on my smartphone and tablet, saving the ones that are good for me and my kids,  and moving the rest to trash.

When it comes to downloading apps for my toddler in my Samsung tab, I prefer to chose what I feel will be the best for my kid ( as many of you) . An android app that will be entertaining, educating as well as taking less space in my gadget. I found the following android apps best suited for my toddler and hopefully will serve as a guide for parents who are searching the same and reading this post.

Top Ten Preferred Android Apps for Children aged below 5 years

123's ABC's FREE

This is a perfect app to introduce your toddler to alphabets and numbers. Your child will be excited to learn her ABC's by tracing out the letters, erasing it and rewriting it in a fun way.

Preferred : Age 1+

Features :
  • Allows finger tracing of alphabets for both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and shapes  
  • Numbered arrows with direction helps as a guide your kids
  • Your child can hear the letter , erase the letter and can rewrite them again
  • Different Colors and thickness for writing
  • Has ads at the bottom


Your kids and toddlers will love this Dinosaurs theme game of connecting dots. They will love discovering over 90 wonderfully drawn unique pictures or scenes as they finish connecting the dots and thereby have fun. Also, kids have a great way to celebrate their success by popping balloons and bubbles highlighted after they successfully connect the dots.

Preferred : Ages 1- 6 yrs

  • Kids can play 144 different scenes starting from 4 dots to 35 dots in 3 difficulty levels
  • Pleasant Voice that teaches your kids to count up to 20 or the ABC.
  • About 90 Unique pictures for each scenes
  • Connecting the Dots improves your kid's shape and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual spatial skills while keeping them entertained.
  • No ads but contains In App Purchase to unlock all scenes for the full app


This app is a comfortable learning experience for your kids and toddlers. Your toddler can pick his Dino and move him along the maze lines, trying to find the way home as in any usual Maze game but in a fun filled way. 

Preferred : Ages 1-6 yrs

  • Helps your kids to build shape and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual spatial skills.
  • 30 Predefined mazes with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Vivid colors, pleasant music and gifts all along your way
  • You can build and play your own mazes
  • Easy to control and move for preschool kids
  • Kids safe buttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pages
  • No ads but contains In App Purchase to unlock all mazes.


A LEGO adventurous game to keep your toddler entertained with Rabbit and Giraffe. You little one will help them to deliver a special present for the Lion's birthday inside the Zoo. She/he can build roads and bridges, cars and planes, go on for a safari, and find out what it’s like to camp out under the stars and many more exploring together.

Preferred : Ages 2-5 yrs

  • Interactive and adventures for the toddlers and kids
  • Toddlers learn about shapes and colors
  • Helps to stimulate and improve fine motor skills development.
  • Mini movies in the Zoo Cinema
  • No in-app purchases
  • No Ads 


With this LEGO app, your toddler kid can build his/her own trucks with helicopter blades or legs or wheels , etc and take it for a ride collecting coins to finding gifts and moving to the next level. This app will keep your little one occupied for an hour or more.
Preferred : Age 4-7 yrs

  • Stirs up your kids imagination and his/her building skills with the LEGO Bricks .
  • Simple to use and has lots of variety to keep your kids interested 
  • No ads


A fun musical toy for your toddler kid. Your kids can learn the different sounds and some basics of music. 

Preferred : Age 1+

  • Colourful and realistic animated bars
  • Authentic sounds teaching different musical sound
  • Can be installed to SD card
  • No ads

Let's Play the Hair Salon ! Your toddler can act as a barber and design various hairstyles for your customer. It's a fun game for kids.

Preferred : Age 1+

  • Hours of Fun hair-drying, hair styling and clicking photo
  • Ads at the top


Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids for easy painting with bright colors and 18 beautiful brushes such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon and sketchy, etc. This App also supports an unique "movie" mode with which your kid can play back her artwork. 

Preferred : Ages 1+

  • Kids Doodle is a colorful, easy-to-use drawing and painting application
  • It supports more than 10 brushes, such as glow/neon brush, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc. 
  • The brush size and color is randomly adjusted to keep the kids entertained all the time.
  • Another wonderful feature is the "Movie" mode that  play backs the drawing steps just like a film. 
  • The built-in gallery stores both kids drawing picture and drawing procedure to help your kid  continue their drawing whenever they want.
  • Imports photos into the app and your kid can play doodle on them.
  • Very addicting game
  • Ads at the top


Picsart provides hour-less fun for coloring, drawing and learning for your toddler and your kids 

Preferred : Ages 1+

  • Drawing on empty canvas improves the fine motor skills for kids and tested with kids as it supports up to 10 finger drawing simultaneously.
  • Coloring on wonderful cartoons like Dinosaurs, Fishes, Cars and Princesses 
  • Learning on how to draw by providing simple shapes and showing how simple shape can be used to draw animals, people and things.
  • Ads at the bottom


Talking Parrot is an interactive and fun app for your Toddler and kids. They listen and repeat what you said to them but when they do it is just hours of fun 

Age : 1+

  • The birds listens and repeats each word you say in a fun way 
  • Responses are always unexpected and extremely hilarious. 
  • Ads at the bottom 


  1. Anonymous08 July, 2013

    Very Nice Apps..Will Educate them at the same time entertain them

    1. Yes! there are some very good apps around esp. designed for kids

  2. Yes Future will indeed many tech kids ... Thanks for the share Uma. Nice post :)

    1. Kids are now exposed to more gadgets than what we were years ago
      , so they will be one step ahead us in absorbing all things related to gadgets :)

  3. For toddler these are some of the great apps. Perfect to make them teach something new in a easy and a simple way. These applications with entertainment will make them grasp everything in a much simpler way.

    1. Sure! I'm using all these apps now and finding newer apps to add into my collections
      Btw, Thanks for dropping by !

  4. Great list, some new apps for my 4 year old and he is loving it, now to figure out how to get my tablet back!

  5. Great list of apps, some new learning apps for my 4 year old to play to figure out how to get my tablet back!

  6. Really nice list of apps, all the kids would certainly like them. I have downloaded three of them. Thank you for this awesome list.

  7. It's interesting list of App...Really all the app are are so good....

    I also develop new android game for kids...I f you like the kids then surely

    Check this most popular android games...It's totally new in gaming world..

  8. 123's ABC's is a pleasant little app that young students could use to work on distinguishing and composing letters and numbers.I likely wouldn't have students use it on phones only on the grounds that I think they would require more screen space to draw on.123's ABC's is more qualified to tablets than phones.After all thank you so much for your apps review. :)
    ~Helen Martin.

  9. The first picture has an ad on it. Not ideal for toddlers.

    1. Most of the well made apps do have ads on it. One way to make it safe for kids to play is to disconnect your WiFi before giving your kids to play.
      In that way, ads do not appear. Hope this helps!


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