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The biggest celebration for this year are nearing and most of us would have started shopping. With huge amounts of discounts and shops on offers, it is quite difficult to find your product at their best sales online. Most often we tend to buy when a product is on sale on that particular website and sometimes we compare between different retailers and websites and choose that site that offers the best price. Do you agree? If you say yes or nod your head, then you are the one who is saving every penny that you can even online.

Here are some tips that help you to get the best out of online, 
  • Subscribe to reputed website's mailing list: By doing so, you get offers or coupons for you to use directly to your inbox. If the offers are the one you are looking for, grab it and help yourself save some money. 
  • Follow them, Like them: Follow your shopping sites as well as companies on their social pages like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Most of the retailers and companies offer promotional contests, and campaigns now and then. Make sure you get noticed following their guidelines. If that was your lucky day, you might even stumble upon something big like a camera or gift vouchers which you can use to shop online. 
  • Engage yourself with the brands: Many brands are engaging customers with them and also reward them for their time. Brands like Jet Airways offers extra mileage if you become their Jet privilege member and Brands like Nestle offers points for your comments which you can use to get some rewards. Another rewarding site is "Reward Me" from P&G which offers surveys, free products and samples to try for sharing your honest feedback directly through P&G Website Community.
  • Coupon websites: There are lots of coupon aggregator websites which makes your work simple. Coupondunia is one such example which gathers all the active coupons from various websites and keeps it in one place making your search easier. Moreover it also helps you save time making it easy to find what you want. So whenever you are, make sure you check for the available coupons in such websites and go on to shop. 
  • Newspaper cuts and Magazine: They are printed and available very close to your hand. Almost all newspaper carries voucher codes whenever there is festival in the air. Make sure you cut them whenever you happen you see them and store them separately in a file with a paper clip or sticker dated with their expiry month or date whichever is convenient for you. By doing so, you save yourself from forgetting or missing the available coupons. 
  • Follow your social circles: With G+ Hangouts, Instagram, Whatsapp, Wechat and more, you are sure to get an update where the sale is going on and who brought what (sometimes how). Your friends are your companion in virtual reality shopping. With Christmas and New Year nearing, there are lots happening in your social circles. It always helps to keep an eye on them often.

Now tell me what type or kind of shopper are you?.


  1. Useful information for saving money in this festive season. I will follow this definitely.

  2. Interesting Tips, But time seems to me a concern in these methods.

    Pages off Life

  3. Great tips for the season Uma. Thanks!

  4. A timely post, Uma packed with essential details for the season..:))
    Thanks for sharing the tips...

  5. Crisp and informative, Uma.
    Congrats on the win in the Explorer Contest, btw. :)

  6. Nice tips, quite informative !!


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