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Wedding attire holds a significant place in every women's life. They will carry the memory of your special day both in heart as well as in the photographs. A timeless wedding gown with all the necessary details are the ones which stands out making you look graceful. Normally, we would visit many stores trying the gown ourselves and selecting that one Wedding gown from hundreds of them. What if you were given a choice to shop online and still have the same comfortable feeling of selecting your own wedding gown., an eCommerce website offering Wedding attires and Special occasion dresses came forward and asked me for a review on their website (written below).

First Impression
My first impression on the website was good as it had everything one could think of buying for their wedding and special occasion needs. I was impressed by the professional look of the website with fast loading time, clean layout and easy navigation between the listed items on the Menu. On the top bar, you have the search facility, a sign up page, your account dashboard, Live Chat, an option to translate between 15 different languages and offering different mode of prices to shop. Below the website you can find that the trust and security of the website was verified by Norton and PayPal. This gives it more credential that this website is safe to use.

wedding dresses

Features of website was the first website that I found to have a variety of Wedding gowns like Luxury wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, garden wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses including other stuffs like veils, headpieces, shoes, handbags, jewellery and more, all at mind-blowing wholesale prices. 

The basic filtering for your needs highlighted on the left side of the website are easy to read and select. Each image opens a separate page wherein all details pertaining to your selection is displayed. The page has everything you need to know about your selection with more added images. They also offer various color and size choices. This one way of organizing the product including size chart and measuring guides is something I really appreciate about DressFirst.

wedding dresses

DressFirst offers shipment to many countries and also accept a number of payment methods. You can calculate the shipping cost for all your products on the shopping cart page itself. The description of the product is clearly stated for each Wedding gown as in the below image. Another wonderful feature is they offer "made-to-order" wherein you have a choice to choose Custom measurement (other than the standard size) which will be personally tailored for your exact fit which is really appreciative. 

dress first

If you still have difficulty in making up your mind whether to buy your weddings attires in their website, DressFirst offers you a Swatch (a sample piece that demonstrate the look of a larger piece) in three different ways such as half yard extra fabric, a 6-Piece Fabric Swatch and a single fabric for a price. It also includes Services such as customization of spaghetti straps and rush order service.

I found that the Live Chat on the top only takes us to the enquiry page and not to a real time chat window which is the only improvement I guess the website needs to update itself.

Customer Reviews
It becomes very necessary to rely on customer reviews to weigh a website's good standing among its customers. And DressFirst does have a number of positive customer reviews which will give you an insight on more about the product delivery and product quality. 

Company Policy
One of the important criteria of online shopping is the company's policy on quality and return policy. What if you don't get what you have ordered or what if the product is damaged. DressFirst have clearly described their return policy in their website. The FAQ and T&C is yet another place where you can find what kind of warranty or return policy they offer.

Dress First has almost everything fashionable and trendy starting from the Wedding dresses to the handbags and shoes. And moreover they are all priced less, something like a wholesale price. This is really a lifesaver for those tight budget Wedding plans and for those who want to have a try on their website.

wedding decorations

wedding gowns

The above review of is sponsored and I did not buy anything from their website. All the details given above are my own opinions about their website as I found it to be.


  1. Wow..I love these fairy tale type wedding dresses..
    Unfortunately I am already married...
    But no harm in window shopping and day dreaming right? :)

    1. True Preethi! There is no harm in trying it. We can wear these on special occasions too :)

  2. Hey is this under that bloggers review program by ePR?

  3. Love the dress in the first picture so much ! But I can only dream of wearing these for my marriage.
    traditional lehenga or saree is what we Indian women end up wearing at a wedding day :)

    1. True ! I too do the same when in India. But being so much attracted to these fairytale dresses, it's no wrong in possessing one which I can use it for a date with my hubby :D


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