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Potty training is an important phase wherein you let your child know that he has to wee and poo in the right place and not anywhere as he wishes. Your child learns to understand and control his bladder and bowels as you help him in his toilet training.

While some parents are comfortable using a potty, some start straight away with a toilet training seat. You don't need to shell out your money on potty training your child. The 80's children like myself learnt it the better way without spending a dime. Training your first born is where you need to put more effort and attention. Some parents use trail and error method and stick to the one they find easy and some parents look out for help. And as you watch your first child passing these phases successfully, it will serve as a guide for your next child making toilet training much simpler and also young children learns quickly from their elder siblings too. The best thing to potty train your children is to encourage the behavior you want from them by constant practice.

1. Look out for signs

Look out for signs that your child is ready for potty training. If you notice either your child stops in between whatever he was doing or silently moves to a hiding place, then it is your hint that the child is ready to pee. It also means that he can very well catch the signal that he is ready for toilet and for some reason does not tell you. In that case, slowly talk to him whether he wants to use the toilet stressing on the word "toilet". I sometimes ask my son for signs like whether he feels heavy on the front or back and again stressing on the word "toilet". And if he responds with a yes, I will help him out.

2. Make a Schedule

By planning a time, you let your child's body clock synchronise with the timings in which your child poos. Though weeing can be maintained at a interval of every one hours for a toddler aged one year, pooing should be encouraged early morning when the child awakes from sleep or at night time before going to bed. Let him sit on his toilet training for five to ten minutes and you always sit with them motivating your child to poo. Some times they might tell you, they don't have anything to poo but still encourage him until your time 10 minutes fully ticks over. Make this as a habit with a scheduled time everyday whether your child poos or not. Very soon, his body clock learns to adjust itself in this timing and will amaze you by working perfectly.

potty training
Image credits :Ryan McVay

3.Encourage them

This word is highly powerful and can give you the results you need. Always praise your child a little when he does things as requested to do. You can also use reward charts if you want to or just a little praise and hug will be great. Do encourage your child not to use pampers or pull on after he reaches a year old for maintaining consistency. I have learnt from my two kids, that the less use of pampers helped them to succeed in their toilet training quickly though a little accidents happened in between. And it is always a good thing to ask or help your child if he wants to go to the toilet before going out somewhere or in between shopping to avoid accidents. Also always make sure that your child washes his hand before and after his toilet to maintain good hygiene.

By following the above ways, you can help your child from unwanted accidents and save yourselves from all the troubles of cleaning the mess. Happy Potty Training!


  1. Useful post for would be mothers and new mommies :)

    1. Sure! these ways are from an experienced Mom :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Post..Its very useful for new moms like me :)

    1. It will be useful for your Bhawya and hope you will find it easy to potty train Ishya baby :)

  3. Uma, Experience nicely shared. Kids need the training...the sooner the better! :)

  4. The most important training....for sure :)

  5. If you're clueless about potty training, this is the article to read.


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