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Almost all kids love to play doctor treating one another as patients and finding a cure for stomach aches, fever or pain. It is a whole lot of fun role modelling your real life doctor and mimicking his way of talking and treating the patients. But there are kids who just don't like going to their doctor. Do you remember the time when your child yells at the name of her dentist or the fear in her eyes when you say appointment for vaccination? Going to the doctor can be annoying for young children and making your child understand how important is to keep one healthy by going for a routine check up can be a cumbersome job for a mother.

In this technological era, many android games have simulated the kids doctor games with real life like encounters with virtual patients. The most important advantage of using these doctor apps is overcoming fear. Your child learns every wound should to treated with care without panicking and there is always a cure. And as a mother I think all is fun when kids are given doctor apps that are fun and not annoying or disturbing. And below are some top free android doctor apps we enjoyed playing and hope these lists will help parents who are in look out for similar kind of apps for their kids. By the playing these games, your children will learn how important is to clean the wound before being treated, what are the instruments being used and for what purpose. It also serves as a educational apps for kids.  And so the next time when they go to their dentist, they know how good their doctor is.

It is always a good practise to give your child these games with your Google account removed to avoid in-app purchase or app downloads from Play store. You can add your account later.

Little Skin Doctor

doctor apps

Being Dermatologist is a fun way to learn how to have that perfect skin. Kids will love repairing the face and cure baldness. You child can helps clear off the pimples, remove the blackheads from your nose, repair baldness and helps regrowth of hair using variety of instruments. This doctor app is child friendly and the child only needs to follow the image as he touches the instrument and drags it to the place as in image. There are six different people with six different skin problems. Your children will love this game.

Preferred: Age 2+

  • Allows easy to follow image and child friendly 
  • Variety of instrument like laser treatment, tweezers, acne remover, ointment that is used in real life skin related problems
  • Can draw or write using coloured pencils and use stickers as a reward for finishing the game.
  • Has ads on top and one in-app purchase at the start.

Animal Nail Doctor

doctor games kids

A prefect app that makes your child passionate towards animals. Also, treating your pet can never to disgusting and every child will love to take care of his/her pet. The music of this app is quite soothing and there are four different cat pet paws to choose from. The instructions are easy to follow and kids will love it.

Preferred: Age 1+

  • Child friendly app withe easy to follow instruction.
  • Soothing music and sound for your child's ear
  • Easy drag and use instruments for treating your cat's paw
  • Instruction sheet and that ticks off when a job is done
  • Four different paws to choose from and each time a different nail has to be treated
  • Can draw or write using coloured pencils and use stickers as a reward for finishing the game.
  • Has a small ads on top and one in-app purchase at the start.

Monster Hospital - Kids Games

apps for toddlers

An all rounder doctor app for your children. The hospital has three different treatment rooms. One for the Dentist, the second for your hospitalisation for wounds and the third for killing stomach germs. Your child can have a first hand experience in cleaning and brushing their teeth, can learn that germs are bad and also learn ways to heal wounds. So, the next time to go your paediatric, they will not panic. Instead they will question and also tell the doctor what she has to do to cure her.

Preferred: Age 3+ (Age 1+ can have fun still)

  • Easy, fun game with easy to follow instruction with images for each instrument.
  • Four different type of monsters choose from.
  • Three different types of treatment to choose from like the Dentist, being hospitalised for sickness and 
  • Easy drag , drop and use of instruments for treating your Monster patients
  • Instruction sheet and that ticks off when a job is done
  • Lots of varieties keeps your child engaged as well as teach young kids medical care basics
  • Has a small ads on top.

Doctor Kids

kids games online

My children love this app for its variety. It has easy to follow instructions and this is the only kids doctor app that reflects the reaction of the patient. The patients kids are happy when are treated well and they start crying if they are not. Overall a fun app for kids to use.

Preferred : Age 1+ 

  • Five different treatments to choose from  like Eye checking, dentist, Injection,X-ray and Laboratory check.
  • Easy to use drag and drop instruments with clear instruction
  • Children will have an basic understanding of how things work
  • Star rating for your hospital. The more patients treated well, the more stars you get.
  • Ads at the top and in ads at the start.

Little Ear Doctor

toddler apps

Guess what mess can be your ear if not taken care of. Your ear looks like a mini aquarium expect that you got bugs instead of fish. Kids will enjoy cleaning the mess in the ear.

Preferred: Age 1+ 

  • Six different types of ear to choose from.
  • Easy drag and use instruments with clear instruction
  • Use variety of instruments used for cleaning the ear - pick bugs, cut ear hairs, clear off  ear wax.
  • Get inside the ear to do more ear treatment
  • Ads at the top and in ads at the start.


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    1. Hope Sahana will have a fun time with these apps :)

  3. Good ones, Uma :) My Kid loves Apps! :) Thanks for sharing these!

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