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The core functionality of an education portal is to provide personalized and user-specific content to the students to access relevant information for their desired courses available in a college which is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to locate. One such growing portal is Collegedunia which is specifically created for the purpose of higher education in India.

In other words, Collegedunia is an extensive database of information relating to higher education in India providing a detailed information of the top colleges, types of courses offered, entrance examination details and other relevant information.

At the first look of the website, one can see a large search bar with words "Search for Colleges, University, Exam Results, etc" which is ready to fetch the resultant data from the large network of database according to the search query entered.

Under the search tab, you can see two unique links named 'College' and 'Exam' followed by a multi- channel filter option of various courses and streams like engineering, management, medical, arts, science, commerce and law followed by the sub-menus offering filters on the basis of  type (full time, part time, etc), stream and location. 

colleges in India
colleges in India

Following the details of colleges and courses is the news feed which covers information targeted at aspiring students and parents. From "How to apply for CAT 2014" to "Tamil Nadu Open University Admission Procedure 2014", the website covers clear and significant details that is useful for students who look up Internet for the same.
engineering colleges in India

Using the easy to filter options, students now can search for the desired colleges as seen in the below image.

For example, to look up for the top engineering colleges in India which offers full time course, you can select Engineering -> Full Time which in turn pulls out all relevant engineering colleges in India (B-Tech full time) from the database in the order of high to low depending upon the college rating.

Seen on the below image is about 638 engineering colleges that offers B-Tech full time course in India.  Just click on the link to know more about a specific college. Say for an example, I click on the link "Indian Institute of Technology-[IIT], New Delhi" to access all the necessary information of the college.

engineering colleges in India

Upon selection, you will be directed to a page which features all about Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) college in New Delhi along with its famous college logo. 

The page itself is loaded with many information about the college from academic overview, cut -off ranks for undergraduate courses, facilities and scholarships offered.

Scholarship offered on IIT New Delhi are:
  • Cultural Exchange Fellowship
  • ADB Scholarship Scheme
  • Merit-cum-means (MCM) scholarships
  • Mrs. Shanti Chopra Scholarship
  • Deepak Gera Memorial Loan Scholarship
On the left sidebar, you can find details about its location (map), images of the college infrastructure and videos which will give you an idea about the college. On the right sidebar, you are given more options of the top engineering colleges and nearby colleges.

On the top, you can find structured tabs along with the college rating. The tabs are split according to what information a student may look for in selecting a college.

engineering colleges in India

The "Courses “menu tab gives all the information about the courses available in that college. It has more filter options to find the right course and information from a pool of other information available about the college.

Using the drop-down menu, you can choose your stream or use the sub-menu of the right to select more about the courses offered. The filter results that are yielded are the overall result of both the selections on the top and on the right.

Choosing the "Fees" tab gives clear information on the fees structure for the course and stream selected. The "Gallery" tab displays some images of the college and "faculty" tab offers information about the current principal and the faculties of the college. And if you are satisfied with your selection, you can click on the green button “Apply Now" on the top which will help the Counsellors from Collegedunia to connect with you offering help and guidance on how to proceed further.

engineering colleges in India

Along with courses and fees information, you also get to know the contact details of the IIT Delhi college like the college exact location, telephone numbers and its website address which is displayed clearly on the right hand side bar just below the college logo.

You can also choose to download the brochure by going to the "Other" menu tab on the top.

engineering colleges in India

Apart from the details of the colleges, you can also look up into information regarding the Exams offered in India by selecting the "Exam" link on the front or on the top navigation bar. Details regarding various entrance exams conducted at national and state level for admitting the students in various streams like engineering, management, medical, law, finance & accounts, hospitality, government services, arts & design, information and technology can be retrieved. This provides an excellent platform for the students to know what to learn and hone their skills which in turn help them to secure the best rank making them eligible to apply for the top colleges in the India.

One example is the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE-MAIN) -2015 on the Engineering Exams page, where when clicked we get information about the exam, its application process, pattern, results and cut-off along with the brochure and a direct link to the JEE-MAIN website.

engineering colleges in India

Overall, the website is a perfect one stop destination for all the students and the parents who are looking for colleges and the courses offered in India from a repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses categorized in different streams in the website using multi-channel filter page. It also provides leads to educational institutions looking for to collect highly motivated candidates. I found that the browsing of the website is fast and smooth, fetching results quickly and precisely based upon the selections and filter options. Also, the website is clean from other advertisements and there are no unwanted pop-ups that distract the viewer.

The website is just targeted to what the website is intended for and which I really appreciate. Right now, this website is one of the best education portal in India which provides useful information for the aspiring students and parents who look out for the best options for their children's higher education.


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