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The Making of a Great Dad
Great dad! With affection and care,
you help build my confidence,
your support shaped my competence.
Great dad! Education or career,
I can choose them with ease,
your savings made my life a breeze.
letting me grow, under your shadow,
building a future, with roads smoother,
the feel of being in safe hand,
Is what makes you a great dad.

What makes a great dad?  
A great dad is not made but comes from the understanding that one feels for his or her dad. Every dad is great in the eyes of his child and most often we can hear kids speaking about the traits they admire in their dad. I am not an exception. I can keep sharing stories of my dad from the way he cares for his family, his hard work, his soft nature, his storytelling ability and his abundant love for books.

I have always felt that my writing has been influenced by my dad as he made me feel what bonding with books mean by taking me to the library, book shops, various book fairs and second hand book shops. And as I type these lines, I think smiling of those days wherein I accompany my dad to book shops taking books that my hand could reach and still hearing my dad asking me to take more. The pride that I had while returning home with those books in two big bags making everyone else in the home gasp in astonishment is an unforgettable experience.  For my dad, buying a book is like an investment and hence he never cares about the money he spends for them.

And the books he brought little by little lead off making his study room as a library. He had influenced me such that even after my marriage, I keep collecting books and started building my own library where my children had joined me bringing their own collections.

Also being a wife, I can feel fatherhood in my husband from the understanding I have from my dad. The values that a woman seek in her husband is mostly influenced by her dad. How true are these words! And most often just like any other women, I tend to compare my dad with that of my husband. And when he does something similar to my dad, I could not help but loving him more. Nowadays, I can see my children discussing about their dad being the great dad in the world. I can’t but help think that when we say someone is “great” like great dad or great mom, it shows how much we reciprocate love in many ways.

Apart from many qualities, dads are known for building a financial security for their family. And most dads do them. My dad did it, so do my husband and even my brother. Their hard work of many years built a net of social and financial security that helps each one of their family members live a peaceful life. I wrote this post on the point of saluting all dads for their immense support and contribution to their family.

Last but not the least, personally I feel there is no term as “great dad” for  I believe a “DAD” itself is a word that portrays greatness for  the love and care they have for their family.
great dad
If you are reading this post,  I would like to hear about your take on Great Dad? #GreadDad


  1. (h) (h) (h) wah wah wali post Uma ..

  2. amazing piece of writing. straight from heart. lovable. hats-off

    1. Thank you Satish ! Of course most of my writing will depend on what exactly I feel :)

  3. "The values that a woman seek in her husband is mostly influenced by her dad."

    So true!...nice post Uma... :)

  4. That makes me wish I had bought much more books for my children as your dad did.Dads provide the intellectual ballast to children while moms the emotional support.It is a beautiful post.

  5. Love the poem plus I love the way you explained what it takes it to be a great dad :) Every dad is indeed great in the eyes of his child :))

  6. Great Uma..great writing no word to express :) :)

  7. Wonderful post, Uma :) My thoughts resonates with most of what you have said... Even a popular figure's children would remember him for his affection and connection with his children but not with the wealth. Remembering what Jackie Chan's son has said about his dad...

    TC! Keep smiling :)

  8. I can totally identify with your post, Uma!
    Our dads have much in common :) Lucky to have them in our lives.


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