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Are you a mother of a toddler or a baby? Have you ever wished that the diaper you use for your little one lasted longer especially during the night?

If you have nodded yes to the above two questions, then continue reading the post as it might prove to be helpful.

Being a mother, you always know and experience that having diapers is a boon to a parenting life. Without them, I can never imagine a night of sound sleep for both me and my child. I had been using Pampers for both my children when they were young and know how comfortable they feel especially while travelling, shopping or during night time.

Many nights, bed-wetting was a problem for my toddler son and I had to use pampers at night time although I avoided using it during the day. At night, I had to change the diapers twice or rarely thrice for my toddler son. And if I am sound asleep, the diaper would swell and leak making the bed wet when not changed. My poor toddler son would start twisting in bed and sometimes waking half way through sleep mumbling and crying. Startled, I wake up only to find that my son's shirt and pant are wet including his blanket. Although I could see that the outside of the pampers are still dry, the inside was really heavy wet appearing in faint yellow colour due to heavy soaking making the sides to leak. I felt saddened of letting my son to sleep in wet for long. How I wished to have a diaper that could hold long enough giving us both a good night sleep.

I am not the only one. Just like me, many mothers should have felt the same of having a diaper that could last long and still make the baby feel comfortable. Also, 100% of mothers believe that their babies are more playful and active when their diaper is dry on the inside. And the answer that would fit our needs can be found in the Pampers Baby Dry Pant.

Pampers Baby Dry Pant
Pampers Baby Dry Pant
The technology used in Pampers have improved much paving way to the new Pampers Baby Dry Pant with magic gel that has an excellent absorbing property providing of about 12 hours of dryness. They work on the formula what many mothers expect to see in their babies - Dry Inside, Happy Outside. You can also find many positive reviews about this product in many online retailers website which makes it a right choice of product that lasts long during the night.

Also, the baby lotion in the pampers helps protect the skin from burns and the dryness inside pampers make the kids feel comfortable. It makes for an easy transition from nappy to pants especially during potty training with easy pull-ups for a comfortable wear, easy tear-down panels for quick changing and a flexible waistband for a comfortable fit. The cute cartoon on the front of the pamper pant is an additional plus for the kids.

Overall, the quality of pampers no doubt is the best and would definitely help parents looking out for a long lasting and comfortable wear for the kids. And you can try a free sample from Reward Me before stock lasts and get assured of the comfort feel of what "dryness inside" means to you and your child. Also, let me know through the comments below about your experience on using Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Check out the video below for more information


  1. Nice review Uma :) I had come across with Pampers ad many a times... (Ah! I love to watch healthy and creative advertisements :-d ) Thought it is a lie as usually the advertisers hype their products. But, after reading your review I seem to change my opinion about the product...
    TC! Keep smiling:)

  2. Hi. I was wondering where is the sealing tape on these dry pants? You know, when you change a soiled diaper, you tear these ones from the sides, then you roll them up and have to seal them before throwing in the bin. I can't find anything to seal the rolled up diaper in these dry pants. I used pampers active baby before this. Got these dry pants just now. Searched on YouTube and saw that the international ones had some sort of blue tape at the back which can be pulled after rolling the dirty diaper to seal it. Am I missing something or has Pampers India overlooked that part?

  3. Hi aquagal - Have you found anything? I'm in SA and also haven't found a way to seal them for throwing away.


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