28 Feb 2011

Fiction 55 - Wounds

The blood was both on her body and her mind.

She knew she was a prisoner but the only way to escape from the asylum was this act leading her to the hospital. She forcefully freed herself from that lunatic.

Her husband was jailed.The physical hurt may cure but her mental hurt? 

Only days have to answer.

Prompt from Magpie Tales

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Yavdumnam Taavdunikritya Vargancha Yojayet

It means whatever the extent of the deficiency ,extent it still further to that very extent and also set up the square of that deficiency .This sutra is helpful in calculating squares of numbers near (lesser) to powers of 10.

Example 1:
982 =?
Our nearest base is 100 and 98 is 2 less than 100.So '2 ' is called the deficiency.Subtract it from 98, we get 96 our left part of answer.Next,square it (02 * 02) to get the right part of answer.

98 * 98 = (98 - 2) | (2 *2)
             =  96|04
Result 982  = 9604

Example 2:

Our nearest base is 100 and 104 is 4 more  than 100.So '4 ' is called the surplus .Add it to 104, we get 108 our left part of answer.Next,square it (04 * 04) to get the right part of answer.

104 * 104 =(  104+4) | (4*4)
                = 108 | 16
Result 1042=10816

Example 3:
1006 2=?
Calculating mentally as fast as we can,
(1006 +6) | 6 *6
Result : 1006 2=1012036

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21 Feb 2011

Metamorphosis of a Woman

To start with , I am happy to be born as a women mainly for one reason.To become a Mother. I am one now. *smiles*.This is my third stage of my life as I have analysed it.

The first stage or role of a daughter was a blessed years , growing up in the protection of our parents. Not to forget our brother or our sister too.We share bits and pieces of everywhere ,from studying to playing five cats detective officers or shoppers .All we knew at that age was just to learn and get a decent job since our parents did everything else for us.We fight furiously with our siblings taking complains from one parent to another.But however angry we may be we still stay protective if we find any other person interfering our province.Of course ,the blood is thicker than water.

The once daughter turns into a women .At this stage, she is married of to a new family with dowry and cash.She is experiencing the second stage of her life, as a wife to her husband and a daughter-in-law to her in-laws.At this stage ,she relies fully on her husband .She learns about the people surrounding her slowly.Most of the time,an Indian woman is not lucky enough to enjoy what she had in her birth place.Lots of emotional conflicts arises,as to whom her husband belongs to ,whether the role played by a husband is stronger or the role played by the son is stronger leading to misunderstanding and problems in the family.This is still going on one hand in a joint family in India.

On the other hand in nuclear life,both couples have to share their responsibility to maintain a smooth life.Ninety six percentage of womens stays at home,taking care of the kids and the house ,cooking and washing, doing all the household chores whereas men go out to work to earn the bread for his family.If any one of them ignores the duty or their responsibility,it will have a bad affect on a woman.Its like give and take policy or something similar to it.

The third stage is being a mother.This is a very special stage and in fact a delightful stage in a women's life.She conceives and starts awaiting her child birth building dreams on how her little one would be.The day she gives birth,she experiences a bliss that she have never experienced before.Her whole day is spent upon her baby, feeding ,cleaning and grooming the baby.In fact, she starts to spends her whole life for her baby watching her baby's first word, first walk and going to school and finally to college.

A special bond is developed in case if the baby is a daughter.A mother -daughter bond ,its a bond that one cannot ignore.A mother is a whole sacrificer never expecting anything in return unlike the siblings or in-laws or a husband or her children.A father sacrifices but not to a extend a mother can do.A mother is the one who is flexible to the feelings of her young ones .I still remember my mom saying even now "I still yearn for my mother to share her love and support" though my grandma died when my mom was just 10 years old.Such is the need of the presence of a Mother for a daughter in her all her stages of a life as a daughter, wife or daughter-in-law and as also when she becomes a Mother.

Like a cycle is our life - the front wheel is the dad who is moving forward carrying the whole family behind, the back wheel is the mom who is the backbone of the family.Without any of the wheel working correctly,the cycle wont move forward.The pedals are the children ,they move both the wheels at the same time.Without wheels,there is no cycle.

The fourth and final stage ,is more matured stage teaching the young ones from her experiences .

Finally, from all the above four stages and in between the problems faced by today's women due to family related problems or money related problems ,one thing that maintains the essence of women's life in this earth is being - A Mother

Dancing lady sacrifices herself
Drops of hot tears of happiness
Melting her way down in the dark
Spreading light for her Children's Life

Only Mother's Love

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17 Feb 2011

By mere Observation / Vilokanam

Generally we come across problems which can be solved by mere observation. But we follow the conventional procedure to get our results. But the hint behind the Sutra enables us to observe the problem completely and find the pattern and finally solve the problem by just observation.

Example 1 : Solve : x + (1/x) =3/2

By usual Conventional method :

x +( 1/x)  = ( 5/2)

x2 +1        5
------- = -----
x               2
x+ 2 =  5x
2x2- 5x + 2 = 0
2x2- 4x - x+2 = 0
2x (x-2) - (x-2) = 0
(x-2) (2x-1) = 0
or x = 2 , (1/2)

Now by Vilokanam or by mere observation :

x + 1      5
    --- = ----
     x       2    can be viewed as ,

x + 1              1
     ---- = 2 +-----
      x              2   where we get our results straight away as x= 2 ,(1/2)

Example 2 : 

x + 5      x + 6      113
____ + _____ = ___
x + 6      x + 5      56

Now  by Vilokanam or by mere observation :

113      49 + 64          7           8
___    = _______ = ___ +     ___
56            7 x 8          8           7

x + 5         7                x+5      8
____    = __          or ____ = __
x + 6        8                 x+6      7   by splitting the R.H.S and L.H.S on both sides

8x + 40 = 7x + 42  and 7x + 35 = 8x + 48
Solving for x,
x = 42 - 40 = 2 -x = 48 – 35 = 13
x = 2 or x = -13.

Example 3:

Simultaneous Quadratic Equations:
Solve:    x + y = 9 and xy = 14.
By mere observation,
xy = 14 gives x = 2, y = 7 or x = 7, y = 2
These two sets satisfy x + y = 9 since 2 + 7 = 9 or 7 + 2 = 9. 
Hence the solution.

Solve : 5x – y = 7 and xy = 6.
By mere observation,
xy = 6 gives x = 2, y = 3 or x = 3, y = 2
These two sets satisfy 5x - y = 7 since 5(2) -3 = 7 but not 5(3)- 2 = 12.
Hence the solution is x=2 and y =3

Try them ,you will be surprised of Vedic Maths ! 

Note : You may also like to read finding Cube Roots of any numbers by mere observation.

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14 Feb 2011

By the Completion or Non-Completion

By the completion or non-completion –  This refers to seeing a whole thing even if that whole is not actually there.It is also known as Puranapuranabyham and is used to simplify or solve algebra problems.

Example 1:
x3+ 6x2+10x+5 = ?

Start by estimating simple quadratic equations that may be similar to the left hand side of this equation. We see that the above is a cubed equation and a simple quadratic will be in the form of (x + *some number*)
and also (a+b)3= a3 + 3a2b+3ab2+b3 

By estimating ,
estimate #1: (x + 1)3: This works out to be x3 + 3x2 + 3x + 8 

estimate #2: (x + 2)3 This works out to x3 + 6x2 + 12x + 8

We'll stop there, because estimate #2 is very close to the equation we're solving.
Subtract from our estimated quadratic equation the left hand side of the problem,

 (x3 + 6x2 + 12x + 8) - (x3 + 6x2 + 11x + 6) = x + 2

So, add (x + 2) to both sides of the problem, which leaves us with x3 + 6x2 + 12x + 8 = x + 2
We can further simplify this as (x + 2)3 = (x + 2).

Now we have a common term, (x + 2), on both sides of the equation. Set up another variable, y, to equal (x + 2)

y3 = y
We can then infer that y must equal 0 or 1 or -1
If x + 2 = 0 then x = -2
If x + 2 = 1 then x = -1
If x + 2 = -1 then x = -3

Thus, x = -1,-2,-3

This sutra can also be used for simplifying or solving quadratic equations and biquadratic equations. 
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11 Feb 2011

Thomas Alva Edison

I have noticed many times that I am attracted to the great inventors like Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison.Sometimes their power of thinking and creativity have left the world and me in awe.Today being Thomas Alva Edison birthday on February 11 and being a lover of Google Doodle ,I am sharing a bit and pieces of him.Today Google has scribbled up another doodle to pay tribute to Sir.Thomas Alva Edison following Sir.Jules Verne.
Thomas Alva Edison was born on Feb.11 (1847) and is the seventh and last child of Samuel and Nancy Edison's family.He had a very little formal education as a child, attending school only for a few months. His mother taught him to read and to write Maths.As a child ,he was a curious one and learnt a lot by self-study.This inculcated a deep belief in self-improvement which remained throughout his life.Edison began working at an early age, as most boys did at the time. At thirteen he took a job as a newsboy, selling newspapers and he spent his free time reading scientific and technical books. By the time he was sixteen, Edison learnt how to operate a telegraph and was proficient enough to work as a full time telegrapher.

His first invention was an electric vote recorder in 1868 and it was a commercial failure.One year later in 1869, he invented an improved stock ticker called the "Universal Stock Printer" which resulted in his first successful invention.With the money he received with his success , he build a laboratory of his own.Later,he married Mary Stilwell to start a family and also many successful invention by this great man followed in due course of time.

Edison’s famous inventions include the motion picture camera, phonograph, and a practical, long-lasting light bulb. The animated doodle above shows all these innovations, with the light bulb glowing on and off, over on the right-hand side.
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9 Feb 2011

55Fiction -Virtual Lovers

What is 55 Fiction?
55fiction is a story written with just 55 words (or less) long.It was invented by a magazine, The New Times.
Characters can have infinite variations such as People, animals, clouds, microbes or anything.In the course of the story, something has to happen. The lovers argue (or) The police solves the puzzle (or) The students wait in anticipation for their result ...etc.Any punctuation is allowed, and no punctuation marks count as words.

Being virtual lovers on the internet was awesome.But they planned to meet in person on February 14 to make their online life real.

They met each other, happy but shocked.

“I thought I was waiting for a look–like actor Surya” she said
“Oh! Thank god. I was waiting for a look-like Jothika” he retorted.
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8 Feb 2011

55 Fiction-Change

It was snowing outside.She was ready to end this once for all.She packed all her things except for that letter he gave her long ago.

She read it.

“Our life may have ups and downs but remember I will always love you.Never leave me”

She sank down.

Her eyes were melting.The cold in her heart was gone.

More 55/100 words Fictions
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Google Doodle for Jules Verne

The Google search engine  has paid tribute to the writer's undersea novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea  by Jules Verne (February 8, 1828)with an interactive doodle featuring an ocean scene viewed through the portholes of a submarine.He is popularly referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction" and would have been 183 today.
Jules Verne is the author of the most famous novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873).
The google doodle is interactive .Desktop computer and Laptop users can  interact with the doodle by moving the joystick on the right hand-side of the logo. This changes the view through the submarine windows to include different views of marine life.The iPad and iPhone users who tilt their device can watch the water level move in any direction they wish.Go to any of its official page to check it today 8 feb 2011 .

The concept of the doodle was first  born in Aug 30, 1998 when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert
Burning Man Festival
Then in 2000,Dennis Hwang produced a doodle for Bastille Day and in time he became the Google’s chief doodler creating Google doodles for many events and holidays

Google doodles have been produced for the birthdays of several noted artists and scientists, including Andy WarholAlbert Einstein,Leonardo da VinciRabindranath TagoreLouis BraillePercival LowellEdvard MunchNikola TeslaBéla BartókRené MagritteMichael JacksonAkira KurosawaH. G. WellsSamuel MorseHans Christian ØrstedMohandas GandhiDennis Gabor and Antonio Vivaldiamong others.
Google has also introduced a limited number of interactive doodle designs such as
More Google logos can be found at Google Page.A feast to your eyes....somehow I try to compare this with Graffiti which is the name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property. GOOGLE LOGOS
If you love Google Doodle and want to submit your own doodle or an idea you can do that here at proposals@google.com.
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3 Feb 2011

To calculate 1/19 ,1/29,1/39 and so on


The numbers like 19, 29, 59 are prime numbers and so cannot be factorised and division becomes more difficult and runs into many pages in the present conventional method and the chances of making mistakes are many.But in the Vedic way, the solution is obtained by applying the Sutra (theorem) Ekadhikena Purvena which when translated means "One more than the Previous".Lets see them in two different ways.You can apply whichever is easiest for you.

Way 1 : Using multiplication to calculate 1/19
To find the decimal expansion of 1/19, one more than the number before the 9 in the denominator is 2..Also number 19 is not divisible by 2 or 5(since decimal fractions can be found for prime numbers other than 2 or 5), the fractional result is a purely circulating decimal.

Note : One more than the one before here means one more than the number before the 9 in the denominator. One more than 1 is 2. So we repeatedly multiply by 2

Now starting with the last digit of the result, being the dividend-
Multiply this by "one more", that is, 2 (this is the "key" digit from 'Ekadhikina')
2 1
Keep mutiplying by 2 to the above number we get

then 8421
then 168421 ....carry over '1' keeping the unit digits ,so

68421 with carry over '1'...again multiply by 2

=  ( 12 +1)68421
=  1368421 ...carry over '1' again and multiply with 2

= 7368421 → 47368421 → 947368421.... until we get a nine digit number

To get a total of 18 digits for the answer,we have to complement the lower half with '9'

052631578 ...adding both above and below gives the number 999999999
Therefore, 1/19 = 0.052631578,947368421

A clearer picture of the same is the below image :

Way 2 : Using division to calculate 1/19

We start again with 1 (dividend of "1/x9"), dividing by 2 (" x + 1 "). The previous digit of 9 is 1 ..so we have divide by one more than 1 ,that is ,we divide  by 2,

we get answer as 0 with remainder 1,we make it as  remainder,quotient thats is  10

Now divide 10  by 2  we get remainder and quotient as 0 and 5
.05 ...taking the quotients only
Now divided .05 by 2  we get remainder and quotient as  1 and 2
.05  2
Now repeating the same ,we get remainder 0 and quotient   is 6
and so on.

Similarly, if you want the decimal expansion of 1/29, one more than the number before the 9 in the denominator is 3

Multiply this by "one more", that is, 3 (this is the "key" digit from 'Ekadhikina')
  3 1
Keep mutiplying by 3 from the left hand side till we get a fourteen digit number (since half of 28 is 14...by using one less than the previous i.e:29 -1 =28)

= (carry 1)137931→ (carry 2) 1724137931→2896551724137931 till we get a fourteen DIGIT number
i.e : 96551724137931

To get a total of 28 digits for the answer(one less than the previous i.e:29 -1 =28),we have to complement the lower half with '9'
03448275862068 ...adding both above and below gives the number 99999999999999
Therefore, 1/29 = 0.0344827586206896551724137

We can use this method for finding (1/39),(1/49)......(119), etc  where the factors are 4,5 ....12 etc keeping in mind that it follows the pattern ( 1/ a9) , where a is any value of n and 9 is the last digit of the number . 

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Miracles in Human Life

We call it a "Miracle" when something which we think impossible happens just to make us happy. Those people who believe in God truly believes in Miracles. A life saved is a miracle. A wish granted is a miracle. An impossible luck is a miracle. It happens everywhere. Everyday we are all blessed with a miracle-yes,all of us. We are in human form, so many actions unknown to us is taking place inside our body to keep us alive. You just eat the food through your mouth and then excrete the waste when ready. What happens in between the two? Lots of minute miracles like digestion, assimilation, metabolism, giving birth to new human being, breathing and excreting.... many biological terms which we don't even need to know in detail but still they happen every day, every minute and every second in our own body. Isn't it a Miracle that happens to everyone every day?

When something out of the ordinary happens for good either to the body or the mind different from our normal life is another miracle awaiting to happen. One such miracle is the story below,

I was so close to her. She is my only friend.We had the same wavelength and shared same taste except for one. Belief in God. I was completely an introvert person and she was just the opposite-an extrovert person. So she was more out going than me and had more friends and more life experiences. She doesn't believe anything unless they are proved. I am just the opposite, I believe everything, almost anything. Most of all I believed God. I blindly believe because its been inculcated from my birth and also I believe that this is the one and only reason which gives us hope to move on in our life. One day, we argued about the presence of God and made a deal. It was in our final year around. That is, to share our experience after 5 years, I with believing God and She without believing God.

With so many experiences, we did meet after 5 years in our home town. I gave birth to my son and she came to see me. (In between we used to chat through phone though not in person) She was most successful, did her MS in US and married to an Engineer and settled there. After all hard work does pay. I was successful too, got my B.E degree and was working in a Pvt.company, married to an Engineer and now blessed with a kid. But I missed something in her. Her usual jovial character was missing. I asked and only then she started to cry. She told me she had an accident in between and was never blessed to have a child in future. She lost hope after seeing many doctors and fertility clinics. The doctors told that her ovaries are weak in which case it will be difficult to conceive. She became depressed and for a change of place they came back to India on a 2 months holiday.

After landing India, she was happy to hear about me and came to see me. Just then something stumbled on my mind and in an instinct, I told her about what I believed - true stories I heard about a particular temple. I soon convinced her to come to temple with me . There we met a saint, who is a devotee of Goddess Durga. He asked us to come again at a full moon day along with a lemon. And we did as we were told to do. He took the lemon, prayed goddess Durga and asked my friend to eat it fully. I don't know what happened next. She took the lemon from the saint and ate it fully without uttering a word. He asked us to trust God, leave everything to hi, and go home to continue with our usual routine. Back home, we discussed about it and made sure not to tell anyone.

Days went by, I called her up after four weeks. She told me that she will be packing of in a week. I told her that I will be coming to send her off soon. As decided, my husband and I went to send off the day the before their departure. Her husband was unpacking off everything. When asked, he told us the trip has been cancelled and he has decided to work off shore. I was confused. He asked me to see my friend who was in her room. When I entered, I saw her doing something unusual. She was writing "Sri Rama Jeyam" in a notebook. I waited for her to finish. After finishing, she looked up and saw me standing near her bed. I saw tears drops gathering in her eyes. She came up to me and hugged me tight. I enquired her why she was crying and why her trip has been cancelled. Then, slowly she told me the reason - the reason was her miracle. Yes, she was conceived and is going to be a mother soon. She now believed God with all her heart. And that why she has been writing "Sri Rama Jeyam" and will do so for her safe delivery. I felt happy for her and thanked the Lord. Om Shakthi! 

There are sometimes when belief in the power of God brings such miracle in our life. Whatever God we believe in, be any religion or any place, some power is there to guide and help us always. If you don't believe in God, just believe in yourself. God lives within us too. Believe and ask, it shall be given. Our power of thinking and inculcating that belief moves us forward to make things come true. This world is a learning place, sharing our hopes, holding hands together and moving to eternity just with a single word "TRUST".


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