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This is one question many moms has been asking me to write about. Why childproof your iPad or Android Tablet or Android Phone? Answer: Safety! Just like the adults, the children too get attracted with such handy devices and when they see an adult playing with his/her tablet with just swiping, scrolling or typing with fingers, the little ones also wanted to do the same. But how often parents hesitate to give their priced tablets to their young ones. The answers is none. It is really an astonishing fact that children even below the age of five has the privileged to use an iPad or Android devices. The reason being Mommies of 20th century has become super mom, busy with their multitasking works and to keep their kids less messy, less noisy and entertained, they agreeably handle their iPad and Android Tablet to their kids.

Apart from the above reasons, these devices when used wisely holds a rich source of knowledge for the kids with numerous child-friendly apps that is flooding on the iTunes and Android market. Apps like drawing, painting, story reading and educational games keeps the child entertained and at the same time helps them learn something new. So, it becomes necessary for our children to use these devices and as a parent we need to protect both the device and the kids.

And as far the story of mobile phones goes, you already know how freaky is to let the kids handle the phones by themselves - most often we tend to interrupt in between telling them to hold the mobile properly and not to play with the mobile screen. Sigh! but do kids really listen to us?

Before proceeding further, I believe that two majors external protections are done for the android devices - all tablets and other mobile devices are protected by a sturdy cover that's made for the required model and a protective screen that guards the mobile screen from scratching.

How to childproof an Android Tablet?

Option 1: Tablet Lock
parental control android
This option completely locks your tablet from your children using it.
Settings > My Devices > Lock Screen
You can secure your lock with pattern or swipe lock. Also, set the Lock automatically option in the System > Accessibility to the time you require. Choosing "immediately" locks your tablet as soon as you press the side button giving you full control of your Tablet.

Option 2: Accounts Lock

parental control android

This option enables your child to use the apps present only on the Android Tablet but cannot log into the Google Android Market to download or purchase apps.
Settings > Accounts > Choose the accounts you don't want your child to use and  disable it.
I often remove the Google accounts ( above image has Twitter account ) from my Tablet before handing it over to my child. They knew how Play Store works and often downloaded free games from it which made my Storage space low. Also, running up a heavy bill through app and game purchases is avoided. Moreover annoying updates also stops. The games they need is already downloaded and they can safely play without messing the tablet.

Options 3: Parental control apps

Apart from the the above options, you can install Parental control apps into your device letting your kids still enjoy some android moments. Some great parental apps include,
  • App lock - Provides more control and options for your tablet/mobiles locking SMS, Contacts, Settings, Calls and Social accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Market, etc. AppLock also empowers you to control photo and video access.
  • HI App Lock - Similar to App Lock above offering privacy protect tool and Multi lock feature.
  • Kids Place - Set PIN to protect your  personal data and restricts the kids from using certain apps and features in your mobile device esp. making calls and Android market for app purchases. By doing so, you are creating a screen where you let your kids to have access only to apps you select. Includes convenience features for parents such as auto app restart, useful for small kids who accidentally exit launched apps.
parental control apps
Kids Place- Parental control app
  • Toddler lock - Installs a Child lock with colorful graphics and soothing sounds to keep your kids entertained without having to worry about them making calls or starting other apps.
  • Famigo Kids lock - It provides a kid phone lock that turns your smartphones and tablets into safe, educational, mobile playgrounds.

How to childproof a Android Mobile Phone?

For Mobile phones, it is the same set of options (see above) for protecting the android tablet except that the places where you lock or set password changes in your mobile settings (under Security). And it differs from Mobile to Mobile. One effective way is to enable the "Airplane Mode" in your Mobile phone which cuts off the your network signal including the WiFi. You can also install the above same Parental control apps we have seen for any android mobile devices that supports these apps.

How to childproof an iPad?

For iPads, enable restrictions by Settings > General >Tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode. A full detailed and neat explanation can be found at

Along with the above, you can also restrict access to certain applications and features in your iPad like iPad's privacy settings and accounts, Safari browser, Facetime, iTunes stores (app purchases, downloading free apps, in-app pruchases), Siri and AirDrop. 

How to find your misplaced phone?

Sometimes, it is easy that your Android or IOS phone gets misplaces by your little ones. So to make it easy for you, install "Find My Phone" service and find or track your lost or misplaces phone.

Use the "Find My Phone" service : for Android and for Apples IOS devices.

Hope the above ways helps childproofing your Android and Tablet devices making your feel safe !


  1. Very good and useful post and info Uma, my kids are starting to get too used to my ipad and iPhone these days. I am trying to restrict their use to just 30 minutes a day, still trying :) Your tips will come in handy soon :)

  2. Ah! Lucky that I have come across this post. Had been struggling with the issue for quite sometime. Thanks Uma!


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